A Chapter of:
The Professional Land Surveryors of Ohio

Member Recognition

Past Presidents

1973 William J. Haas
1974 William J. Haas  
1975 Richard R. Krause
1976 Jack E. McFadden
1977 John E. Dailey  
1978 Jack Rees
1979 John R. Hoy  
1980 Charles J. Neff  
1981 Richard T. Garrett
1982 Earl Peterson
1983 Edward A. Missig
1984 William Dempsey
1985 William Vondra, Sr.
1986 Frank Cirinski
1987 A. Thomas Powers
1988 Jay Squire
1989 Jo Marie Wasik
1990 Raymond J. Buddie  
1991 Chris Dempsey
1992 George Hofmann
1993 Carl Craddock
1994 David J. Bruckner
1995 Richard F. Hantel
1996 Neil A. Hetrick
1997 John G. Hoy
1998 Donald E. Woike
1999 Julie League
2000 Tom Snezek
2001 Louise Veverka
2002 Neil Juhnke
2015 Steve Metcalf
2003 Robert C. Klaiber
2004 Mark Yeager
2005 Sean Boland
2006 Joseph F. O’Donnell, Jr.
2007 John Bischof
2008 Peter D. Zwick
2009 Timothy J. Feller
2010 Michael Straub
2011 Dino Lustri
2012 Robert Hoy
2013 Robert Hoy
2014 Robert Hoy
2015 Vacant
2016 Louise Veverka
2017 Steve Metcalf
2018 Steve Metcalf

Surveyor of the Year Award

A committee comprised of all previous recipients of the award presents the Surveyor of the Year Award. The committee is chaired by the most immediate past recipient excluding the current holder. Each nominee for the award must be a Professional Surveyor in the State of Ohio and a member of The Cleveland Chapter of Professional Land Surveyors of Ohio. Click here to suggest a candidate for this year's award.

1976 Earl Peterson
1977 Richard T. Garrett
1978 Edward A. Missig
1979 Edward Gibbons
1980 William Dempsey
1981 William J. Haas
1982 John R. Hoy
1983 Charles J. Neff
1984 A. Thomas Powers
1985 Jack E. McFadden
1986 John E. Dailey
1987 Michael Papcum
1988 Richard R. Krause
1989 Raymond J. Buddie
1990 Steve Salay, Jr.
1991 Giles Nelson
1992 William J. Vondra
1993 Richard F. Hantel
1994 Frank M. Cirinski
1995 Richard R. Ziegman
1996 Donald E. Woike
1997 Carl L. Craddock
1998 George A. Hofmann
1999 J. Howard Flower
2000 Kenneth Hejduk
2001 Neil A. Hetrick
2002 Jo Marie Wasik
2003 John G. Hoy
2004 Thomas M. Snezek
2005 Mark A. Yeager
2006 Joseph F. O’Donnell, Jr.
2007 Neil M. Juhnke
2008 Sean Boland
2009 Louise A. Veverka
2010 John J. Bischof
2011 Timothy Feller
2012 David A. Bruckner
2013 Peter D. Zwick
2014 Robert Hoy
2015 George Hoffman
2016 Steve Metcalf
2017 Dino Lustri

PLSO Member of the Year Award

The state society recognizes its most active member who participates on committees, accepts special assignments, and volunteers time. Members from the Cleveland Chapter who have received the PLSO Member of the Year award:

Life Members

The following members have earned Life Membership status in PLSO. We thank them for their dedication to the goals and pursuits of our organization.

PLSO Surveyor of the Past

Land surveyors from around Ohio have been recognized, by PLSO, for their contributions to the surveying profession. These surveyors must have been personally responsible for extensive survey control and records or significant surveying projects within the State of Ohio. Surveyors from the Cleveland area, nominated by the Cleveland Chapter: